Laura Boardman


Artist's Statement

Being raised in the American West and having red rock, alpine meadows with streams and distant views of the Great Salt Lake in my back yard, my childhood was rich with experiences of nature. I have always been an observer of weather and clouds, and often wonder about the vastness of the sky and land. Today I live in Utah, choosing Salt Lake City and Torrey for my studio work, each giving me inspiration right out my front door. The different landscapes and atmospheres of each location impart different moods to the variety of my work.

My paintings focus on both urban and rural land and skies, with an emphasis on color relationships, climate fluctuations, weather patterns and cloud formations. My artistic intent is not to paint exactly what I see but rather to crystallize moments in time that are suggestive and psychological. I observe the contrasting colors in these subject matters and I highlight changes in nature as a way to connect the viewer with nature. 

The underlying paradox of this venture is the urgency I feel that all the stunning vastness will be forever changed by pollution, land development and industrial incursion. My paintings are reflections of my passion to encourage the viewer to appreciate the beauty and fragility of nature and all her resources. 


Prior to going back to school at the University of Utah to receive her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing, Laura owned and operated Laura's Interior and Boardman Design, a full service interior design firm.